CME hit today noon East Coast USA

CME hit today noon East Coast USA I did check spaceweather and they do mention this but have no article about it, it is however there mentioned.  Will put this video as mentions the radiation. Towards the end he does bring up reading Malachi 3  

Whats In A Name

I find it very interesting that there is absolutely no information I can find about that demon   prophetess Cindy Jacobs …or that husband of hers.  Did she even have parents?  What was the name she was born with and child history?  Maybe some of you could find it for me, like you wonder… Continue reading Whats In A Name

Email Doesn’t Work

These people at google and here at godaddy with this wordpress theme sheesh.  Well I doubt son’s even get email or contact or anything.   So I typed made my name and address part of the picture.  Not sure how they will block this one.  I added since gmail won’t let me have my email name… Continue reading Email Doesn’t Work

Brighteon Has TV

Well a news flash!! meaning it just opened..Looks like could be interesting.. I do tend just to view new uploads when led.  Will see what comes up but a list of programs.  

Crop Circles and UFO Sightings

People tend to forget or not see or pay attention to these things.  This is all part of watching also.  So thought I would post a couple happens all over the world. Daily UFO Sightings 2021 crop circles

Talk of Food Lines?

Well just quick checked one of my sites.  Interesting talk about food lines.. also Steve Quayle had an attempted assassination.  I will just put link to Health Ranger Report you can just do quick scan of video’s and topics..  Me I will call it a day. I did when I saw that have scripture come… Continue reading Talk of Food Lines?

Video News Covid Shots

Watching some video news covid shots. I was busy else where today so just checking news and see lots.. I did make a comment about some one letting the black stallion loose. So first this afternoon go check and see 80 vo9lcanoes going off… yup He is loose as this from yesterday. Then watch… Continue reading Video News Covid Shots

News USA for Sunday

News USA for Sunday Yes, same as post on blogspot links sites still talk to Matthew..lots not posted. Yesterday I did get a new domain and installed wordpress to it. I have not posted to it as of yet. Everyone jumps around different…and do different things. He tends to know me. Because of things… Continue reading News USA for Sunday


GEOMAGNETIC STORM UPDATE: Earth’s magnetic field is reverberating from the impact of a CME during the early hours of Oct. 12th (0230 UT). The blow triggered a G2-class geomagnetic storm–actually, a double storm–which is only now subsiding more than 12 hours later. Arctic sky watchers should remain alert for auroras as Earth exits the CME’s… Continue reading Weather