Email Doesn’t Work

These people at google and here at godaddy with this wordpress theme sheesh.  Well I doubt son’s even get email or contact or anything.   So I typed made my name and address part of the picture.  Not sure how they will block this one.  I added since gmail won’t let me have my email name  (my birth name) I put as recovery for that and they have my cell phone.  Those the normal ways to recover and change your password.  Forbidden I am.  So I made and changed how to email me here.  That don’t work either.  Someone test the F’n postal service for me.. send me your prayer requests ok.  I set up and purchased another domain here too..they won’t let me have that one either.  that the only place for people to find LIFE.

They do things I don’t request even.  I planned to have just the Ehrman’s family things here.  Them and their dad have gmail.  Tried to make site for that refused too yet added it to a blog I didn’t ask for.  Well not sure yet what will do I did put up the family picture of every Ehrman in the family.  Two missing as in all things in life people have a choice.  That site is

I think but am not sure, last time husband and I were separated.. there was a family picture taken at eldest son’s house.  I don’t have it..if anyone does it is Joshua.  To my knowledge that is the only family picture…I am not even totally sure it has been ages since I have seen it.  It is possible that none of the blood family exists for that side of the family.  A friend that is always there took the picture.

Well PTL they exist in my family.  I never heard about one being done for Jacobs but then his 3rd wife got pictures.  I kinda laugh at that as they probably won’t have a clue to who the people are.  Bob’s sister was closest to her, knowing her mother didn’t get pictures even.  I certainly one year for Christmas I asked his dad if I could go through them and make his mom a photo album..his dad let me and I did that one year for her.  Well you try to give someone if they mention something they desire to have.  She was also big into family pictures..they were plastered all over her bedroom wall.  Well those things up to her daughter to get.  Us three girls went through all our family pictures and divided them giving to each of the six children.  We did it together…at Daddy’s…made special travel trip to do…for little sis and I.  It was understandable why she gave me most things from Aunt Sis even…she decided not me.  Well she had no granddaughter she ever saw but a couple times very young…could have been reason I have no clue.  But then her daughter still has failed to do her mom’s wishes to my knowledge…I was present and heard them.  She requested that her ashes be taken to the mountains in Albuquerque that her mom took the children to and scattered there.  If she even did this request it was never made know to the family.  She agreed to do that I heard her say she would.

So I am not sure if it is godaddy…or wordpress…still have to figure that one wordpress won’t let me have a blog either.




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