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Everything has a beginning. This site will be eventually be more current things I just am led to look at. I tend to jump around. This is actually from the beginning of my walk with the Lord. I was in search for a person doing as I had done and that was to follow Yeshua, yes I knew Him as Jesus just as all Americans, as that is the only thing we had.

So you might then ask what is the difference then between me and other Christ followers and just what the heck was I even looking for. The answer to that is for most, they once given instruction by one they feel they trust in the area that person is set on a particular path.

Children of course learn in this area how they are instructed. As an adult you tend to feel you are still missing something and many start seeking more. Most times this happens because things don’t fit even within scriptures as it gives the appearance as they say opposite things. So normal is then to question. Unfortunately people still rely on asking other humans rather than asking Father (God) Himself. The reason that happens for most they want quick answers and are not willing to search scriptures for themselves to see what comes “out of the mouth of God”.

People are not taught that Father Himself wants a relationship with you. Most people parents I should say, their life is the witness. My son’s although I never forced them, saw their mom in the word of God, watching christian interviews was my preference, this was the witness to them. They did talk and ask questions of me here and there through out their childhood. It is our life that is the witness.

Yeshua told us to watch, so I did this very different than most Christians even regarding end time events. So this site will be and I will list some old sites I used to check now and then listening to interviews, because I checked these places would listen, sometimes shut it off, sometimes look the person up check the person that way.

Christians do not talk much about a lot of the areas I would listen to. God knows it all though not man. They keep most of these thing hidden and not part of news. I will make a list of old places and ones with that I did go check again. It had been a long time since there.

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Go where led of the Lord, post news things usually not heard by normal news sites. A different look at world happenings. Cause maybe for people to watch and search for truth. Watchmen from different sources.