News USA for Sunday

News USA for Sunday

Coptic meaning to me it was used of Jews

Yes, same as post on blogspot links sites still talk to Matthew..lots not posted. Yesterday I did get a new domain and installed wordpress to it. I have not posted to it as of yet. Everyone jumps around different…and do different things. He tends to know me. Because of things I bring up to him re scriptures that I question..I told Him this morning I felt basically I tend to set things farther back where the Aramaic is concerned. I will write a bit about that there. To me questions never asked..and there is no man on this planet I would ask but Him. Well He is an American and does speak English lol.

So all I will put on this is as there are others tied to it.. I do different things when I see things…play tiny parts off somewhere else. Two things will mention here..I did jump to. I have mentioned news sites on blogspot as well as here. I didn’t start here but clicked a video then I noticed.. AND SEE GW Bush dad president..signed for Christians to have their heads cut off. I don’t know if true but will put links I went to cause a short clip view what is written links. Who is picture?? Looks like Jews behind him signing. Then see and click again A Free Press about it.

Well most would not understand my comment to this. I said do you think GW in it was hail Zuse? So I said well good, but I also as I want truth threw a stop at the name Yeshua even am sure the man loves my questions.

Just curious about news I also did something strange?? Well if a search engine can use images then I will use theirs. So I go to duckduck then to yahoo then to google search engines.. put this in same for each. “10-17-2021 in the news images” then click images to see what is there. Well all but google had things related to Christian church going on…I did search under browser “find in page” check jews and messianic then change date to 16th etc just to see what the heck is here. Yes I do different things…I am just curious is all I can say.

Interesting thing about pic 7 is me mentioning the word coptic in my DNA

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