Video News Covid Shots

Watching some video news covid shots.

I was busy else where today so just checking news and see lots.. I did make a comment about some one letting the black stallion loose. So first this afternoon go check and see 80 vo9lcanoes going off… yup He is loose as this from yesterday.

Then watch a short clip that the link is gone to which dad way back when I was online..people learned to take snapshots as they don’t want people to see when something is found. This about the shot covid ones making you non human.. therefore no rights. Looks like the guy is playing something he recorded earlier. I go to these peoples sites to see what type things they have jump around as I always say. Then on another one a Jewish Dr. that even treated President Trump etc.

So this is still where I am.. have fun…word. Oh Italy..this is world too.

I also saw one they are going to force California children now to get them.

By Yo&Mt

Go where led of the Lord, post news things usually not heard by normal news sites. A different look at world happenings. Cause maybe for people to watch and search for truth. Watchmen from different sources.