Whats In A Name

I find it very interesting that there is absolutely no information I can find about that demon https://www.morningstarministries.org/biographies/cindy-jacobs   prophetess Cindy Jacobs …or that husband of hers.  Did she even have parents?  What was the name she was born with and child history?  Maybe some of you could find it for me, like you wonder sometimes about people.  I did notice she said felt called young with a Psalm.. well satan used a Psalm with Yeshua.  I found nothing about her baptism either.  Maybe you’all could find something.  Now the Sir name did come later..I did find that in China the girl will keep her maiden name along with the husbands.  This does make sense to me as two are to become 1..meaning bloodlines of offspring and that does happen.

All three of my birth names have a meaning it seems.

By Yo&Mt

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