The Natives Are Restless


a sample more than half missing by time of snap

Shortly after posting last post before bfast at 7:52 a.m. I went to the kitchen was going to make bfast…was smoking staring out window..of course see top R side wire also 6 birds same direction gun shot came from Dandy a wonderful dog. Grabbed camera to snap was on other counter…went to snap all them top 6 flew the coop these left still remained to the end. I came back to upload it right away before bfast and wooeee..looked like all my pic’s there but won’t let me do a pic anymore at blogspot.. please stay tuned…this area only allows so much space for all the yaking I do.

Well I went to try another picture…weird stuff…no let so open gimp thought did son fix me only use gimp? Nope well then no pics in folders yet see them there… then booted off shut down turned off my puter so went to eat and ponder and talk to the dog about this.

Well this thing then as I mentioned that NordVPN thing…well it would auto activate and want me put number in I no have…but couldn’t even click that line to enter it… so just would X closed.. on about 4th shut down me that thing went live…wants me enter and who the heck knows the code? well I had originally set it to auto start so shouldn’t have ask for it…anyway but stop it would. well all my pic’s look disappear if I am on blogspot or gmail…well am on blogspot just log in there ok still no pic but no boot me.

So I forgot the pic a while and continued to set up my site there and noticed word all these pages never a way at…well messed with stuff didn’t make sense to me…so did a test things too..but decide to activate all them pages and list every one of them from way back. So all those pages never a way to unless I link them got put up. And One called WORD MATTHEW hahaha…copied from training we were doing my son’s. Of course there is no date on post. So only way try me always look way around things. So just now just did and you can see all my date stuff there on this page post but then have to go add that page either that or have it auto set to add pages. Noticed a page unposted look and code so played with that on a test page.

Well I can not get my email address and website I want to mess with it will not let me recover it gmail.. will not let me use the recovery email address for that dam recovery… made a site for it. well that is the email address. So how to get their shit sheesh look for a way and can do view source paste in html of post and it way out of align, works but you can select back dates of things…so no regulations for posts…can make them 2012 if want am sure suck ass controls…plus blogspot dam shit stuff no give you pages to go back searching.. just a click older post… word…shit city so editing can be done by dates…and countries..or you are austrailian. So I backdated my test…they won’t let me ue it so try new one on alone

Well why? I come then here try see if my pictures stay in their folders and they did. But…I refuse to be told what I can and can not do at google. They are suckass shit even though there are some good guys there. So I yell about seeing that all the time..say u play with google let me use other search engines ok. I will open it once in a while myself.. with only IE older one..that dam edge constantly then try take over use to be just x it not no more that dam thing sheesh have to use alt ctrl del and open task manager shut it down with that…so constant changing them bastards do with me

FF is really trying to keep up. So how get around it… well have no clue if should search see. So a list of hates against blogspot will have… ways around it also have

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