F’n(6)evil I have no heat.

Could save your life

Well this dam place has no heat… it is currently 56 degrees.. now testing… I took down all the dam new required alarms had to put up leaving the old original one in hall… I wrapped all them others with dollar general cheap aluminum wrap that cheap thin stuff tears apart…threw in closet. Going to light fireplace.. see if that old one goes off. Well it set off all the alarms..burning it…so how lite as have no long sticks… roll up twist piece of paper towel…lite end… slip way back turn on… haha so fire is now burning see if the old alarm still working goes off.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
A roaring fire…closed all doors cept back office now used to be right in LR my desks before right beside fireplace how warm would I be if still there? KODAK Digital Still Camera

And your dog brought me a bran new pack of Extra chewing gum have no clue where she got it… and smacked her whip a few times. So now she wants her mattress brought to dining room again..it is warmer and she can’t go bedroom now. Well I threw her in LR instead…

Yes she has a baby bed mattress much better than dog beds and sheets can wash all the time… so that is what had for lacy and parker.. KODAK Digital Still Camera

And every F’n house needs what I just uploaded to J and J download pdf is the one I had…ultraviolet research i did them even F’n showed tiny ones corner hosp rooms kill bacteria…sheesh them don’t use the stuff this remove smoke put oxygen in room allergies etc etc … all need. Probably brother with Eathell problems… have a couple them could smoke inside with his stove vent on and no would bother her not what so ever.

That farm house was way cold unless woodstove was running.. now I turned down the LR fireplace had it full blast..could smell it then.. well call gas company and them use new shit would say no.. why the hell call them. We had a wall mounted gas heater in a double garage bigger than double…heat the full thing..not that expensive to have…have seen them mounted kitchen walls before. I could be wrong but don’t think you need electricity to get gas. So if your house is not set up who should be to blame? Houses out on land can have propane tanks…with this stuff too. How much do family’s spend on useless shit? Now because my vehicle is set up as generator, my tent etc..I could have a low energy electric space heater for my tent. I just researched all kinds of stuff..even teepee stoves.

Outdoor or indoor people can be prepared. And your toilet might not work… so word these come able to hold certain weight even..catch it collapsible toilet better than the old fashion bedpan but no worry we the gov will take care of you..ship u someplace and take you where ever…camp we have for you lol

So I was a watchman as say to be…I just watched all kinds of thing..researched things…know they exist…yet put people on drugs well this is the end of this story…someone make Matthew go play elsewhere ok? Well he might think if a woman thinks this way…would make men look like ass holes both words in scripture. They have tiny 2 -5 gal water heaters…well even as children..we took sponge baths…old time pitcher pour water in basin wash dry…baby bath style u get it?

12 volt water heaters…

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