Tornado’s and Gun Law Vote

My son and well all them but J built the software had brother and his dad as word the gov is horrible to find info very difficult and took a lot to stay on top of it..but his site so simple compared to this one out here now on the voting information on bills etc for house and senate to inform people with quick click for someone to contact them immediately regarding vote. This site takes a while to even find so much crap on this site… J’s was simple what people needed to know only. Gun vote did find the link for it and included it it took to ridiculous to me in all these news stories about it word first thing should have is the bill number to come up in the net description so don’t have to go licking every story and word still not see it on most of them I did put the link but you do have to scroll down the list on this site. Finding it on this site was hard but doable it did affect 2 I think and have another[]=2 the original name for the site I did get again was theirs the and blogspot have had a free one used to be was free those taken over my ones there.

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By Yo&Mt

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